About Us

The Perkins Funeral Home has been in operation since 1911. It was founded by John H Perkins Sr. John H Perkins Jr moved the business to it's current location, the former Governor Hirum Tuttle Manse on Main St. Pittsfield, NH in 1957. David Pollard, CFSP, became the owner of the business in 1981, renaming it Perkins & Pollard Memorial Home in the year 2003 following Mr. Perkins death, and has operated it since. It has served the communities of Pittsfield, Barnstead, Gilmanton, Chichester, Epsom, Northwood and Loudon for over fifty years. Mr. Pollard was licensed in 1976 after graduating from New England Institute in Boston. He also served the NH Funeral Directors Association as Executive Secretary and later the full time Executive Director for many years. The funeral home has always been a member of the National Funeral Directors Association and offers all types of service, including cremation and monuments. Mr. Pollard is also the President of the Pittsfield Cemetery Association. Mr. Pollard is recognized by NFDA as a Certified Funeral Service Professional ( CFSP) and his many years of experience and the necessary continuing education needed to maintain the designation, provide the best and most up to date services to the families served.